Jul 30, 2013

Blue Week in Tot School!

It's Blue Week!

 I have to say, after having red stuff everywhere for a week, I was very happy to change the board to showcase a nice, calming blue!  What studies say about colors affecting your moods different ways is so very true...

Tot School has been going very well, and I am so happy that Curls seems to really enjoy it too.  He sees most of the activities and tot trays we work on as a game, so I know he's having fun learning!  Here's a look at the trays and activities we are working on this week:

Fine Motor

After working with popsicle sticks and a parmesan cheese container for a couple weeks in the fine motor area, I figured it was a good time to change up our activity.  I've seen plenty of examples of putting poms in holes thru a lid around the blogosphere, and it was perfectly adaptable to our blue theme.  Princess gave this tray the genius name of "Blueberries in the Bucket" and it has been Curls favorite activity of the week by far.

I noticed that this activity actually took a little more control for his pincer grasp to make sure the pom went thru the hole in the lid.  When he felt like concentrating, he would go thru all the poms (there are about 15) and when he didn't he'd just start tossing them around and grunting (it was super cute!).

Practical Life/Mathematics

For this tray I cut a bunch of squares out of blue craft foam and he is supposed to put one square in each section of the ice cube tray.  He has been successful with such one-to-one correspondence (an early math skill) when the compartments are a lot larger, and has been doing pretty well with the smaller pieces.

He will often put two in one compartment, but hey, he's picking up the point of it!


Since he has done very well with two color sorting before, I thought he would enjoy using the two colors we've been working with for this little color sort.
This is basically how he felt about sorting this week...not the least bit interested.  He hasn't touched this activity at all since I introduced it.


Yes, Curls is making more and more scribbles!  I feel as if it certainly took him long enough to get interested in coloring.  I leave his sheet up on his shelf with three or four color of the week crayons for the whole week and he just scribbles away as he wishes.  At the end of the week, I slap the page up on the wall as a sort of color art museum.

Social Development

Studly's parents and brother have been visiting with us for the past couple days, (which is why I haven't posted) so Curls has been jabbering up a storm to his grandparents and uncle.  His uncle spent a good bit of time having a back and forth conversation with him regarding politics, so I am calling that some sort of schooling!  His uncle, like Studly, isn't big on pictures unfortunately, so I couldn't get a pic of them while in deep discussion.

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  1. My toddler absolutely loves that pompom in a container game. I like the way you try to get your son to color. I think it's a great idea to leave it out and open ended. :)

    1. Kirstylee, it took Curls what seems like forever to even show interest in coloring, so when he does, I'm all giddy about it! Curls enjoys the pom pom game too, how great is it that something so simple can be fun and educational? :)